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Master Land Snaring by Newt Sterling

Product Code: NWS00B9

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Master Land Snaring by Newt Sterling. Details canine and coon techniques effective in all terrains. Newt Sterling started snaring back in 1986, after New Jersey banned the use of footholds. Because red fox, gray fox, and raccoon were some of his main furbearers he had to learn to use snares on them. Initially, it was hard, Newt calls it the "foothold  mentality".
Newt was depending on the odors and appearance of a set to bring the animal to him. It took him some time to learn that with snares, you have to make sets where the animal tells you to. You have to go to them, not bring them to you !

Discover the secret tricks of canine and coon snaring, effective in all terrains. For over 20 years, Newt Sterling has been professionally snaring for the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service and private clients. In this illustrated guide, Newt shows you how to make sets where the animal tells you to, cutting out all that frustrating guesswork. 

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Dimensions: 58 pages
Target Species: Predators
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Master Land Snaring by Newt Sterling

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