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Managing White-Tailed Deer in Suburban Env.

Product Code: NWSWTD01

Price: $19.95

Managing White-Tailed Deer in Suburban Environnments -  This 8 1/2" x 11" guide fills 52 pages with information dealing with deer  control (Odocoileus virginianus). Written by experts in the field of  biology, Anthony DeNicola, Kurt VerCauteren, Paul Curtis and Scott  Hygnstrom, you can be assured of the accuracy and completeness of the  material.
If you are a city planner, landowner or someone who is interested in learning about the ways to control white-tailed deer, then this is the manual for you. It will help you cut through the clamor of special interest groups and show you what control solutions may work for your situation. The booklet is illustrated and includes an appendix of businesses where you can find control equipment for your needs. Topics include: deer biology; estimating deer populations; non-lethal deer control; lethal deer control & more. 

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Dimensions: 52 pages
Target Species: Deer
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Managing White-Tailed Deer in Suburban Env.

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