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660 SuperBear (SINGLE)

Product Code: WCS660SB

Price: $43.50

660 SuperBear is a modified 330 bodygrip trap. The width of the trap has been increased to 26" using 1/2" steel rod and the dog and trigger assembly has been replaced to accomodate the larger diameter jaws. The factory trigger has been beefed up and is tension adjustable via a nylon tipped screw. These traps close extremely tight. They are perfect for covering those small brooks or channels without all the fencing and eliminates the potential of frightening the beaver.


The dog is laser cut to fit the 1/2" rods. Finally a machined trigger is installed on the trap. Trigger wires are attached via a nut and bolt allowing wires to be replaced in the field. The triggers are in the T configuration to completely cover the wide trap opening.

The 660 has been used for 7 years with outstanding results from all over the country. It allows fencing of wide gaps quickly and easily without spooking beaver. Dam crossings, feeder creeks, and riverside channels are just some of the possibilities with the 660. Body trap shy beaver can be caught with ease in the 660, making it a fine ADC tool . Once you begin to utilize the 660s capabilities, you will find yourself using them in place of foothold traps. Anytime you can 660 a beaver its time saved for you not having to mess with slide wires , sprung traps & misses!

Many otter trappers are using the 660 with great success. Most otter are suitcase caught in fine pelt condition. Add a few 660's to your otter bag of tricks when a wide trap is in order.

There are bubbles of weld on the 1/2" rod jaws preventing the dog and the trigger mechanism from sliding too far one way or the other in the jaw opening.

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SuperBear Spring and Super Safety Superbear Dog and Trigger Assembly

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Dimensions: 26" Width x 10"H
Target Species: Beaver,Otter

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660 SuperBear (SINGLE)

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