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National Wildlife Control Training Program - Volume 1

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The National Wildlife Control Training Program - Core Principles and Information Book - Volume 1 is a collaborative effort between the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and Cornell University.  The authors are Stephen M. Vantassel, Paul D. Curtis, and Scott Hygnstrom. The authors bring more than 70 years of experience in the field of wildlife damage management to this resource. While many excellent educational materials are available, they typically specialize in a particular species, control method, or simply lack information on the latest control techniques.
Modules covered include: Principles of Wildlife Damage Management, Physical Safety, Wildlife Diseases, Site Inspection, Wildlife Control Methods, Exclusion, Trapping, Animal Handling, Euthanasia, Business Practices and Legal & Ethical Principles.  Additionally, you'll find chapters on Bats, Raccoons, Skunks, Tree Squirrels and Unprotected Birds.  A must have to the seasoned professional and novice alike.
The authors believe the time is right to provide a core training program for WCOs that:

1. Avoids geographical constraints, and is suitable for WCOs anywhere in the country.

2. Recognizes the the diversity of activities and complex decisions confronting WCOs on a daily basis.

3. Provides essential information in a succinct fashion to help new WCOs gain information quickly.

4. Encourages feedback from stakeholders with the goal of improving the program.

5. Enables the training to be personalized to the needs of wildlife agencies and/or companies seeking to
    use the curriculum. 

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National Wildlife Control Training Program - Volume 1

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