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Gotcha Sprayer Pro Spray-N-Dust System

Product Code: 4MP17C

Price: $85.95

The Gotcha Sprayer Pro Spray-N-Dust System is a convenient kit that contains all the tools you need for dealing with hard-to-reach nests. The Gotcha Sprayer Pro adaptor enables you to attach and trigger virtually any type of aerosol can from the end of an extension pole. The Powder Duster is the perfect way to apply insecticide dust. It can be used by itself or mounted in the Gotcha Sprayer Pro. The System also includes a Scraper for the removal of difficult to reach nests. This system can be screwed onto any extension pole, but for added convenience it includes a Smart-Lok adapter for use with a quick-release Smart-Lok pole.

Watch the video to see a nest sprayed 29 ft. high!!

Each kit includes One Gotcha Sprayer Pro, a Smart-Lok Adapter for use with Smart-Lok extension poles, a duster, a scraper, and detailed instructions.

The Gotcha Sprayer Pro is a perfect solutions for spraying aerosol cans.  Virtually any aerosol with a spray nozzle that gets depressed from the top and sprays out of the front will work.


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Gotcha Sprayer Pro Spray-N-Dust System

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