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Shake-Away SMALL CRITTER (Powder Fox Urine)

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The prolific cottontail rabbit (Sylvilagus floridanus) is one of the target animals for Shake-Away’s #1 selling product, fox urine granules. This product takes advantage of the Predator-Prey relationship and the prey animal's genetically programmed instinct of fear to provide a non-toxic, organic method to significantly reduce and very often eliminate small critter pest browsing problems.

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Through patented technology, Shake-Away offers the only EPA registered predator urine based products in the repellent industry and we work hard to optimize our source animals diet’s to maximize the repellency in our source urines.

The Predator

The Red Fox is the most common, land-based predator of cottontail rabbit throughout its range. Rabbits avoid fox “core” areas as they set up their patterns to feed and raise their young. Fox “core areas” are where these cagey predators spend the bulk of their time and, as you would expect, contain an increased predator odor presence.

The Product

Shake-Away provides an incredibly easy way to apply time-released, urine impregnated granules in a fashion that simulates this “core” area. These granules are composed of a porous, swellable, inorganic mineral that are impervious to weather and rainfall in particular. By applying the product as directed (twice a week for the first 2 weeks- twice a month thereafter for maintenance) the Fox Urine Granule product alters rabbit patterns and the effect is maintained for as long as the customer chooses to continue their maintenance.

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Active Ingredient: Fox Urine
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Shake-Away SMALL CRITTER (Powder Fox Urine)

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