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BOBBEX Deer Repellent - Quart concentrate

Product Code: B550100

Price: $32.95

BOBBEX Deer Repellent - the sytematic use of BOBBEX will substantially reduce damage to plantings by interrupting the browsing habits of deer which are repelled by its taste and odor.

Will make up to 2.5 gallons of mixture

Bobbex is a safe and highly proven natural deer repellent. It safely disrupts the foraging patterns of deer and deters them from browsing on your property. Bobbex is effective in protecting your plants from:

Whitetail Deer
Blacktail Deer
Mule Deer
Sika Deer

Bobbex can be sprayed on any ornamental or flowering shrub. Bobbex is long lasting, non-burning and...


Note: During the Summer, Bobbex should be sprayed in the early morning hours rather than the extreme heat of the day. If sprayed when temperatures are above 85 degrees F, plants may encounter phyotoxicity. This is not due to the ingredients in the product, but rather the magnification of the sun through the water spread on plant’s surfaces.

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Active Ingredient: Putrescent Whole Egg Solids
"The only reason I have ANY hosta / bushes / flowers is due to Bobbex. It works wonderfully! I kind of utter "come and get it" as I'm spraying my hosta. Poor Bambi. We have a slew of them in our area and I love them, but they are sooooo destructive and I like my flowers and plants. As long as I stay on top of things, I win the battle." - Roberta S., Illinois
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BOBBEX Deer Repellent - Quart concentrate

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