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Blackie's Blend Brown Buck Lure

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Blackie's Blend Brown Buck Lure does well on mink state to state, full season.  The rap on mink is that they are hard to lure.  That all depends on what you are trying to attract them with.  Most mink do not subscribe to the school of thought that thinks a lure loaded with mink musk is an end all as a mink attractor.
 Cats, fox, coon, otter maybe, but surely not mink!  The mink Blackie has taken over the years have shown a high interest level in certain food ingredients with a background of the mink's body odor:  thus Brown Buck.  This is Blackie's best selling mink lure and is a first-rate land lure for reds, grays and coon.

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Dimensions: Available in 1 oz. & 4 oz. sizes
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Blackie's Blend Brown Buck Lure

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