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Blackie's Blend Power Putty Bait

Product Code: BBPP-4

Price: $8.00

Blackie's Blend Power Putty Bait has a deep, heavy crustacean-type odor.  Have you ever had a set location where a proper lure holder was non-existent?  Use power putty in those hard to lure places like a bridge abutment, inside the lip of a steel or concrete culvert, or maybe on a no-bark water slicked log jam or any number of places your liquid lure makes a fast exit on you.
Power Putty is tailor made for vertical structures and difficult overhead situations.  Just give it a smear.  Bare, hard banks, under cut root systems.......Power Putty is your ticket to speed and efficiency.  4 oz. jar.

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Dimensions: 4 oz. (118.29 ml)
Target Species: Raccoon, Mink
Qty. Quantity in Cart: None

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Blackie's Blend Power Putty Bait

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