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PIGNX® 10 oz Tube - Case of 12

Product Code: BBRT1002-12

Price: $240.00

PIGNX® - The first ever EPA approved Bio-Repellent for birds. This is the first pigeon bio-pesticide that does not contain polybutene. PIGNX® is eco-friendly, harmless to birds, mammals and humans. Active ingredient is Capsaicin.

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Adobe Acrobat Logo MSDS           Adobe Acrobat LogoProduct Label

PIGNX® Bio-Repellent Products utilize Capsaicin (hot peppers) as the active ingredient. Capsaicin works by irritating nerve-endings. Imagine the irritation one feels by eating hot chili peppers or by rubbing these peppers on the skin. This is the same effect birds and animals feel when they encounter this product.

Capsaicin has been proven to repel thousands of pests for hundreds of years. PiGNX has finally developed the unique delivery system to make the Capsaicin Effective, Safe, Long-Lasting, Economical, Easy to Apply and Easy to Clean.

Use Patterns:

When PIGNX® is applied in a zig-zag pattern it typically requires approximately 1 oz. of bio-repellent per foot. One tube will reasonably cover 10 feet of space. Applied in a straight line, 1 oz. can reasonably be expected to cover two feet or 20 feet per tube.

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Dimensions: 12 - 10 oz. tubes/Case
Active Ingredient: Capsaicin
Qty. Quantity in Cart: None

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PIGNX® 10 oz Tube - Case of 12

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