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Trapper Glue (Gallon)

Product Code: BELLTG2520S

Price: $42.95

Trapper Glue (Bulk) is a unique adhesive formulation scientifically  designed to capture rodents over a wide range of temperatures.  Trapper Glue is designed for those who wish to make their own  glue boards for unique control situations. Trapper Glue is a  product by Bell Laboratories.
RATS AND OTHER LARGE RODENTS - Place glue boards at intervals of 10 to 15 feet. Keep glue boards in place for at least five daysbefore moving to other locations since there may be some "new object" avoidance at first. Wire or use Hercules Putty to make the glue boardsstationary to prevent rats from moving.

MICE, MOLES, AND OTHER SMALL RODENTS - Place glue boards at intervals of 5 to 8 feet. A mouse's home range is limited and to increase mouse activity and glue board effectivenessmove objects within the home range, causing mice to investigate.

It is recommended that you first wet hands and scissors with dish detergent.  Then pull out a clump of glue and cut off the amount needed for each glue board.  Spread it to the desired thickness - usually 1/8 to 1/4 inch for rodent and insect control.

Clean up with mineral spririts, vegetable oil or baby oil and then wash with warm water and dish detergent.  The product stays soft in cooler temperatures and will not run in higher temperatures.  Keep away from excessive dust once applied to a surface.


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Dimensions: 1 Gallon

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Trapper Glue (Gallon)

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