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CDR 7.5 Laminated Jaw Trap - SIX

Product Code: CDRLAM-6

Price: $223.50

The CDR 7.5 Laminated Jaw Trap is the best foothold trap for beaver on the market for those trappers that prefer a laminated trap.  Great for other species such as bobcat as well. The CDR 7.5 has a 7 7/8" jawspread when measured including the jaw thicknesses. The CDR 7.5 has four powerful coilsprings and wire levers which makes it extremely fast. It has a Paws-I-Trip pan system with an extra heavy dog with a dimple, so when you pull the pan into position you can hear an audible "click" !  



The CDR 7.5 comes baseplated with a D-ring on the bottom with 6" of #3 machine chain, and a universal swivel for ease of anchoring or attaching to a drowning wire or rod.

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Dimensions: 7 7/8" jawspread - Laminated
Weight: 3.72 lbs. each (1.69 Kg)
Target Species: Beaver,Otter,Bobcat

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CDR 7.5 Laminated Jaw Trap - SIX

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