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CDR 7.5 Padded Jaw Trap - DOZEN

Product Code: CDRPAD-12

Price: $540.00

CDR 7.5 Four Coil, Baseplated with D-ring, Padded model trap, has a 7.5" jawspread with jaws which are covered in non-hardening rubber pads. The CDR 7.5 also has a Paws-I-Trip pan system with a extra heavy dog with the dimple on it, so you can hear an audible click when you pull the pan into position. This trap is easy to bed, is extremely fast with wire levers, and sets very flat. This trap is good for catching coyote, bobcat, dingo, hyena, etc. Made in the U.S.A.


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Dimensions: 7.5" jawspread
Weight: 45.60 lbs. (20.68 Kg)
Target Species: Coyote, Bobcat, Dingo, Hyena

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CDR 7.5 Padded Jaw Trap - DOZEN

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