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Locklear's Bobcat Rub Lure (2 oz.)

Product Code: CLBR04-4

Price: $11.00

Locklear's Bobcat Rub Lure was developed by Clint on his personal cat line.  If you are using rub, projection or walk through style sets for bobcats, this is a must have lure.  This lure demands a rubbing and licking response from cats.  
 There is no need to re-lure for three weeks as the compounded odor of this lure will still be calling the high dollar bobcats for weeks at your sets.

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Dimensions: 2 oz. (56.70 g)
Weight: .19 lbs. (87 g)
Target Species: Bobcat
Qty. Quantity in Cart: None

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Locklear's Bobcat Rub Lure  (2 oz.)

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