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Locklear's Coon Crack Lure (16 oz.)

Product Code: CLCC1-16

Price: $14.00

Locklear’s Coon Crack Raccoon Lure is specifically made for dog proof traps.  If you want to make sure a coon works your DP trap, add dog food or your favorite bait to your DP trap and pour on a little Coon Crack.  
Once a coon gets this lure into its mouth, he is yours.  He simply will not leave any in the trap. To get Coon Crack’s full effect, the coon must taste the lure.  It has a great odor and flavor that coons want to eat.  Coon Crack also works great for nuisance control trappers.

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Dimensions: 16 oz. (453.59 g)
Weight: 1.48 lbs.
Target Species: Raccoon
Qty. Quantity in Cart: None

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Locklear's Coon Crack Lure  (16 oz.)

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