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Posi-Trigger for Cage Traps

Product Code: CMPosi-Trig

Price: $54.95

Posi-Trigger is the latest in the technology evolution of conventional cage traps.  Posi-Trigger completely eliminates the need for the triggering pan and rod in a live trap. An animal that is cage shy and hesitates to step on a trap pan, no longer needs to. All that is needed is for an animal to "bite & pull" on the bait which is suspended up off the floor of the trap.  Two powerful springs pull back via an aircraft cable on the triggering hook, thereby capturing the target animal.

Note:  Cage not included.  For use on 24" or larger traps.

Product Instructions

The Posi-Trigger is a quality triggering system and is machined out of solid aluminum with brass fittings. The Posi Trigger is tension adjustable which allows you to select the sensitivity with which the trap is fired. For example, the Posi Trigger can be made sensitive enough that if a bird pecks at the bait, the trap will fire !  Conversely, the sensitivity can be increased to where a Raccoon, Fisher or Bobcat would need to aggressivley pull on the bait to fire the trap.  The Posi-Trigger is perfectly suited for capturing feral cats when using a feather or fake mouse with some cat lure for bait.

The Posi-Trigger System comes complete with the Trigger and all hardware necessary to install on a live trap. The trigger and the associated cable attaches to the trap using zip ties. 

While the Posi-Trigger may not be for every trap, you may want to consider setting up a couple of traps with a Posi-Trigger for those animals which will not step on a conventional pan. The other fit we see for the Posi-Trigger is if you have traps which have been damaged, perhaps by raccoons that have bent the triggering pan or rod, but the cage and spring-loaded door remain completely serviceable.  Just install a Posi-Trigger and put those cages back to work for you !  


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Posi-Trigger for Cage Traps