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Coon Collector Dog Proof trap

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The Coon Collector Dog Proof Coon Trap is changing the way trappers look at Dog Proof Raccoon Traps. These compact little traps feature a "Chinese Finger Trap" holding method in which the coon, once caught, pulls against the door causing it to tighten on the paw. There is a door on the bottom of the trap for easy baiting and cleaning
The lightweight spring keeps the initial closing of the trap from injuring the animal or frightening him, but he cannot "power out" of the trap. The Coon Collector will hold him just as well, if not better than a much stronger spring trap would. The lightweight spring makes this an ideal trap for younger and older trappers because of its easy setting design along with it functionality. This trap has fully enclosed components, so this dog proof trap stays fully functional. The solid door keeps the raccoon from filling the trap full of mud and keeps the bait from falling saving time and money on the trap line with no cleaning out or rebaiting.

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Coon Collector Dog Proof trap

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