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WCS™ Lovage Oil Tincture (Natural)

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Lovage Oil Tincture (Natural), this is a strong tincture from Natural Lovage Oil, this is NOT a synthetic product.  Lovage Oil  is a compelling passion ingredient that is highly attractive to canines.  While the cost of Lovage Oil in its pure form is prohibitive for luremaking, when tinctured properly it brings it back into the realm of affordability.
Lovage is a hardy herbaceous perennial, native to southern Europe, which can grow to about 2 m (6 ft) in height. It looks similar to other umbellifers (fennel, coriander, parsley, etc), with large umbels of yellowish-green flowers followed by seeds. It has a sturdy, thick and hollow stem, and its large leaves are like those of celery and, indeed, taste like them. For this reason lovage, or liveche, is also called bastard celery in France. In English, lovage is also known (hopefully) as love parsley. An old generic name for the lovage plant was Ligusticum officinalis, perhaps deriving from Liguria in Italy where the plant grows abundantly. It also grows wild in the mountains in the South of France. There is a related species, Ligusticum scoticum, which is known as Scottish or sea lovage: this grows wild around the northern coasts of Britain and the northern Atlantic coasts of America.

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Dimensions: Available in 1 oz., 4 oz., 16 oz. sizes
Target Species: Canine
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WCS™ Lovage Oil Tincture (Natural)

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