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WCS™ Synthetic Fermented Egg (SFE)

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Synthetic Fermented Egg has a strong rotten egg odor. Excellent for canines in small quantities, alittle goes a long way. Use straight or in formulation.
CAUTION: Handle with care. SFE is both corrosive and flammable. Should be used in a well ventilated area. PPE such as gloves and eye protection should be used when handling.  Fermented egg, originally developed as an insect bait, was investigated as a food-based coyote attractant and received much attention (Bullard et al. 1978a). Synthetic fermented egg (SFE), consisting of a variety of fatty acids, amines, esters, and sulfurous compounds, was developed from the chemical analyses of fermented egg volatiles (Bullard et al. 1978b). An even simpler synthetic attractant (fatty acid scent, FAS) was developed  from the seven volatile fatty acids found in fermented egg (Roughton 1982).

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Dimensions: Available in 1 oz., 4 oz. and 16 oz.sizes
Active Ingredient: trimethylammonium decanoate
Target Species: Canine
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WCS™ Synthetic Fermented Egg (SFE)

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