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Fremont Fox Foot Snare #809

Product Code: FREFOX-KIT

Price: $29.95

Extensively used for live transplanting lynx and catching fox & coyote. Recommended by Fremont for use in taking fox, coyote, bobcat, and lynx.  Incorporates a spring/trigger assembly that fires a loop up and around the animal's leg. 
Complete Kit Includes: 
- Instructions
- Spring
- Foot Snare
- Extension cable

Foot Snare: 
- 7x19 3/32 cable
- DMD C Lock
-Cable will need to be replaced after each catch.

Extension Cable: 
- 3 1/2' of 7x19 3/32" Galvanized Aircraft Cable 
- Fixed loop on one and an adjustable loop on the other.

When the pan is stepped on and the spring fires, the cable stays attached to the spring. 
The spring acts as a "shock absorber" when the animal pulls on the cable.

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Target Species: Fox,Coyote,Bobcat,Lynx
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Fremont Fox Foot Snare #809

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