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Fresh Wave IAQ Air & Surface - Gallon

Product Code: FWIAQA-S-Gal

Price: $33.50

Non-toxic Fresh Wave IAQ natural odor eliminators effectively remove both organic and inorganic malodors.  These are not masking agents.  Fresh Wave IAQ products chemically bond with odor causing molecules and eliminate them without leaving a fragrance. 

For rapid, targeted odor control, turn to Fresh Wave® IAQ air and surface spray. It instantly bonds to, and eliminates, odor molecules in the air and those that have penetrated and/or are resting on fabrics or surfaces. To use, simply spray the affected areas for near-instant odor elimination.

The science behind Fresh Wave IAQ is based on four simple, yet effective principles:

Contact: Fresh Wave IAQ molecules released into the air make contact with malodor molecules via opposing electrostatic charges and random contact. 

Absorption: Fresh Wave IAQ molecules absorb and destroy odors on the molecular level.


Solubility: Fresh Wave IAQ enhances the solubility of most gases.


Reaction: Fresh Wave IAQ modifies the malodor molecule to a non-odorous state.


    The Fresh Wave IAQ Gel has earned the Environmental Protection Agency’s Design for the Environment (DfE) recognition. The DfE label program recognizes products that are safe for use and for the environment. The science behind Fresh Wave IAQ products, OMI’s Ecosorb, has been tested, patented and proven to be effective by members of academia, as well as by third-party organizations such as American Foundrymen’s Society, German Foundry Institute and the Southern Petroleum Institute.

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Fresh Wave IAQ Air & Surface - Gallon

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