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Guardian Holographic Owl

Product Code: GOWL-1

Price: $9.95

Guardian Holographic Owl has been University tested with positive results for bird control. The bright flash of the unique holographic feather pattern, large eyes and movement deters the most persistent birds from destroying personal property.  Simply hang the guardian owl in the problem areas.  Made of durable plastic to withstand outdoor elements.  Each Guardian Owl measures 16" tall and 8" wide.  Great for repelling birds from: orchards, crops, boats, docks, barns and homes.
The Guardian Holographic Owl is used to repel birds with its bright holographic feather pattern, large eyes and movement. It is easy to use, just hang it outside where you want to deter the birds. It is made to withstand outside elements; made of durable plastic. It swivels in the wind and repels birds from backyards, decks, gardens, boats, docks, boats, etc.

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Dimensions: 16" tall X 8" wide
Target Species: Pigeons, Starlings, Woodpeckers, Seagulls
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Guardian Holographic Owl

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