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Grawe's Prairie Fire Bait (8 oz.)

Product Code: GRAWPF-8

Price: $14.00

Grawe's Prairie Fire Bait is a canine bait made from natural ingredients that create a rough-mild, mouth watering odor which causes all canines to really investigate a flat set or readily try to dig it from a dirt hole set.  They will keep digging and chewing and working Prairie Fire 3 or 4 months after you're gone.
This rough, but mild, bait gets the same result year round in early fall or late season.  It has proven itself to do unbelievably well on coyote getters as well as with traps.  Government trappers say, "It just never quits working". Start the "Praire Fire" on your line and smoke a pile of coyotes!

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Dimensions: 8 oz.
Weight: .79 lbs. (.36 Kg)
Target Species: Coyote,Fox
Qty. Quantity in Cart: None

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Grawe's Prairie Fire Bait (8 oz.)

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