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Bird Barrier Bond - 10.1 oz. Tube

Product Code: HA-BB03

Price: $9.50

Bird Barrier Bond - for Bird Coil Clips, Birdwire, Bird-Flite, Bird-Shock, Daddi Long legs - An exceptionally strong but flexible, adhesive. It handles dramatic temperature changes without cracking and adheres Bird Barrier products to most surfaces. For best results the mounting surface must be dry, completely clean and prepped. Full cure is in 24 hours at normal temperatures, but under some circumstances it can be usable in as little as four hours.


  • Securely holds metals and plastics to wood, steel, sheet metal, concrete, brick and most building substrates. 
  • Is Green: more environmentally friendly as it does not contain any alcohol (which must evaporate out to cure). It cures by pulling moisture out of the air; this leaves 100% of the glue in place to secure the product. Also it is non-flammable making it easier and cheaper to ship (no more hazardous surcharges).
  • Gray in color: Gray is a neutral color and blends easily with most colors. Care must be taken when applying. Cleanup is with soap and water. Wear surgical gloves. 

    NEW Bird Barrier Bond has a 5 year Warranty

Store in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area away from heat, ignition sources and direct sunlight.  Cool location should be between 60-80 degrees F or 15-30 degrees C.







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Dimensions: 10.1 oz. tube
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Bird Barrier Bond - 10.1 oz. Tube

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