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Pete Rickard's Original Indian Buck LureŽ - 2 oz.

Product Code: LH502

Price: $11.80

Pete Rickard's Attracting Lures - Original Indian Buck Lure, 2 oz. LH502 Oval Pump Spray. 
The one and only - for over 60 years. Our legendary Indian Buck Lure has led to more hunting success than any other lure ever made. It's naturally strong formula stops bucks in their tracks - and draws them in. Effectively hides human scent, too. Very simply, after your gun or bow it's your next best weapon.

How to use Pete Rickard's Indian Buck Lure:

Place Buck Lure out along deer trails and areas where you expect to see deer. Effective placement allows you to get a good clean shot while game is investigating. Also deer won't zero in on you. Place scent behind a rock or tree so that as deer respond and you are coming into shooting position they will not see your movement. Notice also that lure is placed around your stand (ground or tree) to cover your scent. Indian Buck Lure can be applied directly from the bottle or applied to a boot scent pad. Store leftover scent in a cool, dark place for use next season.  Back in the early 40's a group of hunters gathered around a successful trapper and animal gland specialist, Pete Rickard. He mixed such successful concoctions, that fellow trappers followed him with hopes of discovering his secrets. Now, these hunters being mainly interested in deer, jokingly asked Pete to make a lure that would work on deer. He did; they laughed. He proved it would stop a running deer; they stopped laughing. The news spread like wildfire and Pete was now in busines with his buck lure too. Pete is a small part of Indian descent so it only natural that he named his formula for success after America's first hunters - Pete Rickard's Original Indian Buck Lure.

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Dimensions: 2 oz. (59 ml)
Target Species: Whitetail Deer
Qty. Quantity in Cart: None

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Pete Rickard's Original Indian Buck LureŽ - 2 oz.

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