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Pete Rickard's Rutting Buck Urine, 2 oz. - CLR

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Pete Rickard's Attracting Lures - Rutting Buck Urine, 2 oz. LH517 Spray Bottle 
One whiff of this "intruder" and the dominant buck stops thinking straight. You take it from there! Collected only from whitetail deer in rut.
How to use Pete Rickard's Buck Urine:

Hunter's will have the most success with Buck Urine when they use it as an antagonistic attracting scent. Bucks will not hesitate to respond when they detect the urine odor of another buck in their area. Bucks are agitated into responding because they believe another buck has entered their domain. During the early stages of the rut, bucks will respond even quicker than they will to the scent of estrus, because they think there is a competing buck on their turf. They are eager to chase this "new" buck out before he has the chance to establish his own scrape or freshen one of the resident does. Pete Rickard's Buck Urine is especially effective when used along with rattling, calling, "bush busting", or creating mock scrapes.  

Buck Urine works equally as well to attract does. You can not overuse buck urine. Apply several sprays of Buck Urine on a boot pad and walk to your hunting location. Once you are 30 to 35 yards from your post (10 to 15 yards for archers), walk a circle around your stand. Remove the boot pad, hang it on a branch - or leave it on the ground and then walk directly to your hunting location. This will focus the buck's attention on the scent rather than you and offer a better shooting opportunity when the buck stops to investigate the smell of the buck urine. Store leftover scent in a cool, dark place for use next season.

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Dimensions: 2 oz. (59 ml)
Target Species: Whitetail Deer
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Pete Rickard's Rutting Buck Urine, 2 oz. - CLR

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