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Protecta LP Rat-Sized Bait Station (Case of 6)

Product Code: LP2625C

Price: $67.95

PROTECTA LP, a tamper-resistant, rat-sized bait station is designed to fit in corners and flush against walls. A larger version of Bell's popular mouse-size PROTECTA RTU Bait Station, patented PROTECTA LP (Low Profile) is ideal for indoor use because its triangular shape lets PMP's and WCO's place it in corners. With its low profile design, the station fits under pallets and dumpsters as well. It measures 3 3/8" tall by 9" deep.


The feeding receptacle in the PROTECTA LP will accommodate Bell's Super-Size Blox, as well as tracking powders, liquid baits, cereal baits and 15g, 20g, or 1 oz. Blox. Patented angled entry holes give rats and mice easy access to the station and the interior baffle system leads them directly to the bait inside.

NOTE: A rat-sized snap trap will not fit inside the PROTECTA LP.

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Dimensions: 3 3/8" tall by 9" deep
Qty. Quantity in Cart: None

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Protecta LP Rat-Sized Bait Station (Case of 6)

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