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Standard S-Hook & Rivet Tool

Product Code: LWSHT

Price: $12.95

S-Hook Tool - Many wildlife control professionals get years of use from this handy tool, while others struggle with it and break it. Seldom do the main jaws (which are used for closing S-Hooks and rivets) break; the problem for some has been with the side jaws that are used for opening the hardware mentioned above. When used correctly, this tool is very handy to have around the shop or out in the field.
Care should be taken to have the tips of the side jaws as far into the S-Hook or rivet as possible so that you are working with the thicker part of the outer jaws rather than the tips.  Prying on the outermost tips of the opening jaws could result in breakage. When opening rivets or S-hooks use steady pressure and have the jaws positioned as square as possible.

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           #6 Rivet being opened with the S-Hook Tool        

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Dimensions: 6.5" Length
Weight: .31 lbs. (.17 Kg)
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Standard  S-Hook & Rivet Tool

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