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Loring Big Belly 22" Packbasket

Product Code: Loring-Belly-22-GRN-BLK

Price: $129.95

Loring Pack Baskets are made of a  synthetic material that you can be confident knowing that  your pack basket will never rot, mildew, stain, retain  odor, or crack. This is the NEW Loring "Big Belly" model or as we like to call it "Big Mouth" !  It was designed to have a larger opening than the Standard Model Loring, making it easier to get those large traps in & out of the basket, carry a large beaver, or handle all the ice fishing equipment you care to carry !  Lifetime Warranty.


With the ever changing, fast pace world we have had to make our pack baskets stronger than ever before. Because our pack baskets are made of a synthetic material you can be confident knowing that your pack basket will never rot, mildew, stain, retain odor, or crack. Our pack baskets are 100% hand made, constructed in house using copper and SS fasteners. We offer our "Original" pack baskets in two distinctive colors, with matching straps. Both colors are available in various sizes. Thank you for choosing Loring Pack Basket, we are confident in your 100% satisfaction.

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Dimensions: 22"H x 14"W x 12"D
Weight: 4.95 lbs. (2.25 Kg)

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Loring Big Belly 22

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