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MB-550 4-Coil Off-set Jaw Traps - DOZEN

Product Code: MB-550-RC-4C-12

Price: $235.00

The MB-550-RC 4-Coil trap has an outside jaw spread of 5 1/2" and an inside jaw spread of 4 3/4". The cast jaw face is 3/8" thick and the offset is 3/16". Included is a Paws-I-Trip pan system and night latch dog. Pan tension after waxing the trap on the four coiled version runs an average of 3.1 pounds.  ONE DOZEN TRAPS

Tested extensively over a three year period on coyote, bobcat, red fox, grey fox, and raccoon. This trap is fast and excellent results were obtained using it two coiled. We do not recommend using the 4-coiled version if grey fox is your target animal. The 550 is an excellent live market trap as well as the trap to use on a mixed species line. Small enough for fox and tough enough for the nastiest coyote.

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Dimensions: Outside jaw spread of 5 1/2" and an inside jaw spread of 4 3/4"
Target Species: Bobcat, Coyote, Fox, Raccoon
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MB-550 4-Coil Off-set Jaw Traps - DOZEN

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