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WCS Floating Muskrat Trap

Product Code: WCSFMT2

Price: $104.95

The WCS™ Floating Muskrat Trap is the most innovative trap for muskrat on the market today. There is essentially no set-up required; the trap is sturdy, light-weight, and simple to use. Because only 12 inches of water is required to set the trap it can be used anywhere from shallow wetlands, to the middle of a pond or lake. Great for use at golf courses or condo developments.

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This trap weighs only 9 pounds, and the flotation foam is located inside the trap to make it more durable and resilient. The trap has a 7 inch floating platform that the muskrat will comfortably rest on, and folds away for easy storage. From the platform the muskrat will smell the bait inside the trap and enter the one-way door.  Once the muskrat enters the trap there is no way for it to get back out.

By blocking the plunge hole to the lower compartment the muskrats will remain alive in the upper compartment. However, allowing the captured muskrats to travel down the plunge hole the trap becomes a lethal device. When trapping in a pond or lake tie the trap to a tree or something secure on shore. Release the spring that holds up the floating platform during shipping and storage. Bait the upper compartment in the rear corner opposite the passive door.  For live capture only bait the top compartment and wire the second door, the one inside the trap (plunge hole), closed.  For lethal capture simply leave the second door alone and captured muskrats will dive into the bottom chamber and expire.

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Dimensions: 18L x 16W x 20H
Weight: 9 lbs
Mesh Size: 1" x 1" mesh
Target Species: Muskrat
Qty. Quantity in Cart: None

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WCS Floating Muskrat Trap

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