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WCO Core Principles and Wildlife Species Information

Product Code: NWCTP-Book

Price: $49.95

A complete guide to professional training and wildlife species information for wildlife control operators.  500 Pages of the best wildife control information availoble with 12 chapters and 36 complete wildilfe species accounts regarding wildife control and handling methods.  It's a great book for the novice or experienced WCO.  Written by Paul D. Curtis, Scott E. Hygnstrom, Stephen M. Vantassel and Technical Editor Raj Smith


  • Dozens of common species from bats to woodchucks
  • Species indentification
  • Biological information
  • Damage information
  • Effective control methods
  • Exclusion methods
  • Animal handling techniques
  • Euthanasia and disposal

500 Pages, Soft Cover, Fully Illustrated

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WCO Core Principles and Wildlife Species Information

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