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The Problem with !!SKUNKS!! by Edward D. Kellems

Product Code: NWS00B4

Price: $10.95

The Problem with SKUNKS !! by Ed Kellems. Ed has this to say about his book primarily focused on Methods of Odorless Skunk Removal. "I started trapping and removing skunks out of necessity, by that I mean that's what most people were having problems with. Therefore, I concentrated on ways to remove them without odor. Methods and baits had to be worked out so that everything ran smoothly and with some amount of predictability."

If you want to safely and odorlessly remove skunks from a property this is the reference for you. It eliminates the guesswork. 
For years, Ed has been perfecting his professional methods of odorless skunk removal. All his knowledge of smooth and predictable procedures, effective baits and superior customer service is in this book. These are the lessons of an experienced pro.

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Dimensions: 34 pages
Target Species: Skunk
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The Problem with !!SKUNKS!! by Edward D. Kellems

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