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Snake Guard® Snake Trap (CASE of 12)

Product Code: NWS0105C

Price: $229.95

The original and patented Snake Guard® Snake Trap is NEW & IMPROVED with a wax coating for weather resistance! It's safe, effective, humane, and easy to use. Snakes can be caught and relocated without harming them or you, and the No-Touch Removal System eliminates the need to handle snakes. The Snake Guard Snake Trap is made in the USA from completely biodegradable materials and is safe for the environment.

The Snake Guard Snake Trap is quickly assembled in three easy steps. Once assembled, place the trap along a vertical surface in areas where snakes are likely to frequent, such as basements, garages, storage facilities, tiered yard areas, etc. To ensure snake does not "squeeze" between the wall and the trap, anchor with a small piece of duct tape at each end. When a snake enters it becomes entangled in the glue inside. It can be released in a new location by pouring vegetable oil across the snake and glue. The Snake Guard Snake Trap makes capturing snakes at home simple and cost-effective. 

Though weather-resistant, use care and avoid placing in wet areas, or where sprinklers systems are in use. The Snake Guard Snake Trap is 100% Biodegradable!

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Dimensions: 23" x 12" x 2.5" Assembled
Target Species: Snakes
Qty. Quantity in Cart: None

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Snake Guard® Snake Trap (CASE of 12)

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