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Victor Spear-type Mole Trap (SINGLE)

Product Code: NWS02T5

Price: $12.25

Victor ® Spear Mole Trap  -

The most effective spear-type trap available for eliminating moles from lawns and gardens! This trap is sometimes referred to as the harpoon or a  plunger-style trap. The Victor ® spear-type mole trap has six (6) sharply sheared points which are propelled through a mole’s tunnel by the newly redesigned spring. When moles attempt to clear an obstruction in their tunnel they push dirt upward against the triggering plate thus setting off the trap.

The trap comes with a safety chain and hook to protect you from the trap firing when placing the trap in the ground. There is no need to dig open the mole tunnel! It can be placed next to a foundation or a sidewalk.

  • Can be used in all soil types
  • Weather-resistant, six metal spears for superior strength and durability
  • Fully assembled
  • Reusable
  • Provides visible proof of mole capture

The Victor® Spear Mole Trap is positioned such that the metal legs of the trap "straddle" the moles tunnel system. One of the legs is turned parallel with the trap so that it can be placed right against flat objects such as cement walkways or foundations. When set, the spears or points are retracted into the roof of the tunnel allowing the mole to enter underneath them.  This trap is very sensitive. 

Caution: Carefully follow instructions; misuse could end in injury.

Keep away from children and hands of anyone not familiar with the trap.

As an added safety measure, place a bucket over trap to prevent tampering. Requires some strength

General Info:

Spring or Fall is best to trap because newly made tunnels are easy to spot.

However, moles may be trapped in any season except in very cold or dry weather. Moles don’t go away in winter they simply go deeper. Moles are active day or night.

Proper Positioning of a Victor Spear Mole Trap

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Victor Spear-type Mole Trap (SINGLE)

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