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Victor Professional Mouse Trap

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Victor Pro Mouse Traps - Unlike ordinary snap traps for the homeowner, these Victor Pro Mouse Traps  are specifically designed for professional pest management use. Both mouse and rat traps should be set on a hard surface,  perpendicular to a wall so that the triggering plate is toward the wall and forces the rodent to pass over it.

This trap is also the choice of professionals for trapping voles.

For voles, place the trap perpendicular (across) the trail in the grass, you may need to trim the grass in the spot where the trap sits. The voles will run across the expanded yellow plastic triggering plate and be captured.  Another option for voles is to place a trap at each hole and cover the hole and trap with a rectangular plastic container.  When the vole comes out of the hole, they have nowhere to go outside but into the trap.

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Victor Professional Mouse Trap

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