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Wickenkamp Small Dog Trap (Model 50)

Product Code: NWS50LW

Price: $81.00

Wickenkamp Model  50Live Cage Trap measures 15"H x 12"W x 36"L and is built TOUGH. The 12.5 gauge wire mesh makes for one of the sturdiest traps on the market, and will last for years. The door and trigger pan are both constructed of 0.25" steel rod and the door is gravity activated. There is a locking bar which slides downward once the door falls to secure the captured animal. Double wire at the rear of the trap adds further durability to the pan and baiting area.
Since this trap is has a gravity activated door you must stake it down so it won't roll over. It comes with one trap stake for that purpose.  An added benefit which some find desirable is, if a non-target is captured you simply have to roll the trap over and the door falls open, releasing the animal. Great for relocation also.

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Target Species: Dog
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Wickenkamp Small Dog Trap  (Model 50)

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