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Catchmaster 911 Dynamite Electrical Black Light Fly Trap

Product Code: NWS911

Price: $99.95

Catchmaster® Insect Light Traps are economical, easy to maintain and very discreet. Unlike most of the competitive ILT’s, our units have covers over the catch area so that the trapped flies are out of view. The 911 and utilizes the power of direct UV light exposure to attract flies from far distances. Once the flies hover around the unit, they instinctively seek the multi-bait attractant as well as the warmth of the bulb and are silently trapped.

One glue board included.


  • Unit Size: 20.5 in. L x 5 in W x 7.5 in. H
  • Replacement Glue Board Size: 17 in. L x 7.625 in. H
  • Replacement Bulb Size: 17.25 in. L x 1.75 in. H
  • Glue board is pre-baited with multi-bait attractant
  • UV light attracts flies from far distances
  • Discreet cover keeps trapped flies out of site

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Dimensions: 20.5" x 5" x 7.5"
Target Species: Flies,Mosquitoes,Gnats,Moths
Qty. Quantity in Cart: None

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Catchmaster 911 Dynamite Electrical Black Light Fly Trap

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