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Catchmaster 948 Fly Glue Trap w/ Attractant - 48 Traps

Product Code: NWS948

Price: $66.95

The CatchMaster Giant Fly Glue Trap is the environmentally safe Super Fly Trap with a capacity of thousands of flies. For use in stables, barns, restaurants, homes and wherever else flies are a problem. You get 48 giant fly boards in each box. They are safe to use around cows, pigs and other farm animals. CatchMaster Giant Fly Glue Traps are just one of the best fly control products today. Try not to use these around where bats, birds and other small animals will get caught. The traps are 12 inches by 24 inches providing you with 268 sq inches of surface per trap, CatchMaster Giant Fly Glue Traps incorporate a pheromone attractant for flies. These Giant Fly Traps come 48 Fly Boards in a flat box and can be rolled or used in several different ways.

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Catchmaster 948 Fly Glue Trap w/ Attractant - 48 Traps

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