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Double stake swivels w/ J-Hook

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Double Stake Swivels with a #6 J-Hook are used for attaching to the end of a trap chain and cross-staking traps and/or securely staking the Collarum cable in large animal situations. You use 2 rebar stakes (typically 18" -24" in length) and drive into the ground so they form an "X" below ground level, this makes it nearly impossible for an animal to pull up from firm ground. Please Note: Sandy or Soft soils,i.e. muddy conditions may warrant longer rebar stakes.

The length of the rebar stakes is dependent upon the soil conditions, i.e., sandy soil you should consider using 24 to 36" stakes, versus hard-packed soiláa pair of 18" rebar stakes willábe sufficient. When removing rebar stakes from frozen ground a good pair of vice grips is very handy, giveáthe stake a rap with your hammer, clamp onto the stake with the vise-grips, and twist the stake right out of the ground.

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Double stake swivels w/ J-Hook

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