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Jameson's Bat Call

Product Code: NWSBJ01-4

Price: $15.00

Bat Call Bat Gland Paste Lure is for use in bat traps or to attract bats to bat houses.  This paste gland lure has proven to be a valuable asset to any wildlife control operator's business. Bat Call will promote faster response time and acceptance in either situation. Excellent for bat houses when used in conjunction with structural exclusion methods. Simply smear onto the landing strip and up into the roost area of the bat house. Re-apply monthly or as needed until the bat colony is well established.
Bats are constantly on the prowl for suitable alternate roosts. If a Bat House is to be used to help evict bats from a structure, then, ideally, the Bat House should be placed on or near the bat's original entrance into the structure. After the second year of occupation, the Bat House may be moved off the structure and onto a pole several hundred feet away.  Disturbing the bats during the initial summer may cause them to abandon the Bat House. When placing on a pole attach at least ten feet above the ground, in an open area orientated south-southeast, where it receives at least seven hours of direct sun.  The Bat House will be more attractive to bats if it is also within 1,500 feet of a permanent stream or pond.

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Dimensions: Available in 4 oz. size only
Target Species: Bats
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Jameson's Bat Call

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