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Jameson's Formula Two Woodchuck Paste Bait

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Formula Two Woodchuck Paste Bait has an herbal base and is a special blend of natural herbs and select fragrances that 'chucks cannot resist. Like "Formula One" this unique bait has a lush green base that is also a proven staple food of the groundhog. It is excellent bait by itself. Added to it are two proven ingredients that are excellent side odor attractants that can't be matched in calling power.

Locate traps at main entrances or major travel lanes. Place guide logs on either side of the path between the burrow opening and the trap to help funnel the animal into the trap. Check all traps twice daily, morning and evening. Save the dirt after you have caught the woodchuck to help lure others. Spread the dirt along the bottom back of the trap.  Usually, trappers have separate cages they use just for woodchuck.

Recommendation: Use with broccoli suspended in the back of the cage for eye appeal.

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Dimensions: Available in 8 oz., 16 oz. & Gallon sizes
Target Species: Woodchuck, a.k.a. Groundhog
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Jameson's Formula Two Woodchuck Paste Bait

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