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Jameson's Night Flyer L.T.S. Flying Squirrel Lure

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Night Flyer L.T.S. Flying Squirrel Lure - Night Flyer L.T.S. Flying Squirrel Lure – It’s a balanced blend of naturally occurring wild nut essences combined with a spike of wild fruit to top off the mix. Flyers are very impressed with this product and that’s all that counts. Nutcracker Bait and Night Flyer L.T.S. get the job done.

About Jameson’s Ultra Blend Baits & Lures......

The business initially began in 1975. Every scent product and bait is very unique in character. Ultra Blend products were formulated to appeal to an animal’s sensory, food, and instinctual biological drives. Many of the ingredients are made in house at the facility, so the quality is extremely high. Jameson products are being used by fur trappers, ADC Gov't trappers, commercial nuisance wildlife control operators, universities monitoring endangered animal research projects, capture programs for exotic wildlife sought out by the zoo's across the world, State and Federal Agencies and by professional photographers, too!

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Dimensions: Available in 1 oz., 4 oz.,16 oz. and Gallon
Target Species: Flying Squirrel
Qty. Quantity in Cart: None

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Jameson's Night Flyer L.T.S. Flying Squirrel Lure

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