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Jameson's Peaches & Cream Bait

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Peaches & Cream Gel Bait is a�multi-species bait formulation and is proving to be the most effective standalone attractor offered in the nuisance wildlife industry. It is a heavy bodied gel bait that is very attractive to woodchuck, skunk, and raccoon. The fresh aroma of ripened peaches is the main theme of this universal bait. However, it also has a very subtle secondary undertone of sweet vanilla cream that emrges as you embrace its' alluring fragrance.

This uncommon blend of ingredients combined with a rich edible base makes Peaches and Cream a popular choice for all nuisance wildlife specialists. Field tests nationwide have revealed the Peaches & Cream is a very durable bait, in addition to triggering significant animal investigation responses. Peaches and Cream can take the hot summer sun, as well as taking substantial rain without losing its' effectiveness.

It has also proven to be a very effective bait for summer and fall canines (fox & coyote). If you need a high production bait, P&C will get the job done. Works best when used in conjunction with Peaches and Cream LTS trailing scent. A great one-two punch for raccoon, skunk, and woodchuck (groundhog).

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Dimensions: Available in 8 oz., 16 oz. & Gallon sizes
Target Species: Groundhog, Skunk, Raccoon, Fox, Coyote
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Jameson's Peaches & Cream Bait

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