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Jameson's Chuck Relish Woodchuck Bait

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Chuck Relish by Bob Jameson is a product consisting of a unique base material that in and of itself is an excellent bait when used as a standalone. It is the result of 2 years of testing various materials and determining those that are well accepted as preferred food and odor choices of woodchucks. The blending and hydrating of key essential ingredient odors with this excellent base material, then adding a wetting agent for anti drying has taken this formulation to the final stage of completion. Each small piece of this bait matrix material absorbs like a sponge. 

The general appearance and consistency of this bait reminds me of a container of fresh relish, hence the name Chuck Relish was adopted. Usage of this bait is very easy.  Sprinkling a tablespoon of bait from the cage opening back into the cage trap and beyond the triggering pan, utilizing a suspended broccoli spear for visual appeal is typically all that is needed. Eye appeal is an important part of any live trap presentation. Rebaiting is not necessary in most cases prior to the capture. The residual odor is very long lasting and will hold very well once applied.

The bait particles are small enough that they will blend well into the bottom of the cage trap and the oil from the bait will penetrate into the blades of grasss and other materials under the cgae at the point of application. Chuck Relish is yet another professioanl formulation from Jamesons Ultra Blend Scent Company developed to meet the growing needs of today's high tech professional wildlife control operators. Through field-testing conditions, it has been found that each individual scented particle would retain active trace odor emission for weeks when exposed to the open air.  A plus for the hot summer heat index effect.

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Dimensions: Available in 8 oz. & 16 oz. sizes.
Target Species: Woodchuck, a. k. a. Groundhog
Qty. Quantity in Cart: None

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Jameson's Chuck Relish Woodchuck Bait

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