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Leggett's Bobcat Exciter Lure

Product Code: NWSFEX-4

Price: $12.00

Feline Exciter - The Leggett's motto is "We don't claim our lures are better, we are going to let you tell us" ! For over 25 years these lures have produced hundreds of cats for the Leggett family. These are exactly the same lures used on their traplines. Feline Exciter is a totally liquid lure and dispensed from a squirt bottle. No lure holder is necessary. DO NOT use with any other bait, lure or urines. A few drops is all that is needed.
Leggett's Bobcat Exciter Lure produces a mild odor.  This lure gives you fewer traps dug out, more fur on stretchers, fewer non-targeted species and will not contaminate your equipment like other lures do.  No other bait or urine needed.  Designed for year round usage in dirt hole or on backing of urine post sets.  Directions on bottle.  4 1/2 oz. bottle.

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Dimensions: 4.5 oz. (133.08 ml)
Weight: .37 lbs. (.17 Kg)
Target Species: Bobcat, Feral Cat
Qty. Quantity in Cart: None

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Leggett's Bobcat Exciter Lure

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