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J.R. and Sons Deer Scent Pro-Pak

Product Code: NWSJR012

Price: $19.95

The Deer Scent Pro-Pak, from J.R. and Sons, was put together with the serious hunter in mind. These three scents will give you the most natural smell available today to attract deer full circle. Each Pro-Pak includes 1oz each of Tarsal+, Pre-Orbital Scent, and Interdigital Scent.

Each Pro-Pak includes Tarsal+, Pre-orbital Scent, and Interdigital Scent. 


Use Tarsal+ directly at mock or existing scrapes. Quality Tarsal should be  used lightly, as it creates an intrusion response. It additionally scares the smaller bucks away. 


Pre-Orbital Scent can be used at mock and existing scrapes. Apply to the branches above the scrape. It will give you a full circle of natural scent to complete your lure station!


Interdigital Scent can be used as a training scent or at mock and existing scrapes. Make two to three different trails leading to your scrape. A couple of drops every 10-15 feet will bring him right in!

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Dimensions: 3 - 1 oz. (28 ml) bottles
Target Species: Whitetail Deer
Qty. Quantity in Cart: None

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J.R. and Sons Deer Scent Pro-Pak

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