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Victor Multi-Kill Electronic Mousetrap

Product Code: NWSM260

Price: $88.95

Recommended by professional exterminators for its 100% efficacy, the Victor® Multi Kill™ Electronic Mouse Trap is the most advanced rodent control system available in the market! Two points of entry with a lab tested staircase design lead mice attracted to your favorite bait (not included) into the Shock N’ Drop Chamber. To reach the bait, the rodent must walk along three electrically charged patented plates which kill the mouse in less than 3 seconds. At a 100% kill rate this means no escapes!


Victor® Multi-Kill™ Electronic Mouse Trap Features & Specifications:
  • Kills 10 mice without resetting
  • Kills 150 mice per each per set of 4C batteries (not included)
  • High voltage shock kills mice in 5 seconds
  • Beveled columns hold mouse in place for 100% Kill Rate – no escapes!
  • Patented 3-plate design
  • 2 staircases allow for dual entry
  • Shock N” Drop Chamber rotates to drop mice into Collection Drawer
  • Collection Drawer holds 10 mice
  • Easy to use – simply bait, turn on, & empty
  • Smart circuit technology senses mice to trigger electronic shock
  • Built-in safety switch and tunnel design protects kids and pets
  • Non-toxic, poison free
  • Blinking Green-light flashes for 7 days to indicate kill
  • 4 "C" batteries included
  • Blinking Red-light indicates low battery

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Target Species: Mice
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Victor Multi-Kill Electronic Mousetrap

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