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Victor Kill & Seal Mousetrap (2 pack)

Product Code: NWSM265

Price: $9.10

The Victor® Kill & Seal Mousetrap is the world's first hygienic mousetrap. No Touch, No See, No Clean-up Design! The trap is easily baited, and when the mouse smells the bait inside the trap and enters it's caught with a powerful kill bar. The design of the trap contains all urine, blood, ticks and fleas that could potentially spread diseases after a mouse is killed in a trap. There is a 100% kill rate, and 100% seal rate. No mouse can escape this trap!

Easy to use: Simply bait the trap, set it, and dispose once you see the red door has sealed the trap closed again. Comes in packs of 2.

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Target Species: Mice
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Victor Kill & Seal Mousetrap (2 pack)

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