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Speed Dip by Andy Stoe

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Andy Stoe's Speed Dip, quick drying formula. Speed Dip penetrates seals, and rejuvenates old and new traps alike. This is a petroleum based product and is diluted with gas (preferably white gas) to make your trap dip mixture.


Read more about Speed Dip on our Wildlife Control Supplies Blog for WCO's.

Speed Dip is diluted with gas to make a trap dipping mixture. The recommended ratio to use is 3:1, meaning 3 parts gas to every 1 part Stoe's Speed Dip. WCS strongly recommends the use of white gas for diluting Speed Dip. This can be found in most hardware and/or camping stores under the brand name of Coleman fuel. There may be other producers of white gas, this is just the one we are most familar with. White gas when used with Speed Dip will result in a hard, shiny, smooth finish on your traps which is not sticky or tacky to the touch.

The largest complaint we hear from users of Speed Dip is the tacky result or the black/brown residue left on their hands when handling dipped traps. This is usually the result of them buying the LEAST EXPENSIVE unleaded fuel they can find. You get what you pay for......use WHITE GAS !!

There is no need to lightly rust your traps as you do when utilizing the traditional Dyeing & Waxing method of trap preparation. When using Andy Stoe's Speed Dip you can pull brand new traps out of the box, dip them in your trap dip gas mixture, and hang them up to dry for several days and they will be ready to go. Store your Speed Dip mixture in a tight sealing container such as a 5 gallon bucket and you can dip traps whenever it becomes necessary.

Read more about Speed Dip on our Wildlife Control Supplies Blog for WCO's.

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Speed Dip by Andy Stoe

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